How it Works.

It can be intimidating and uncomfortable…

                     having a contractor come to your home as you consider a hone renovation project..  At JT Wood construction we recognize this, and we strive to minimize this effect.It’s important to that our customers feel confident and informed throughout the project; from start to finish.    We don’t like fast talking, high pressure salesmen and we’re sure  that you don’t either.  We do NOT use high pressure sales tactics. We do NOT try to manipulate our customers.   We are a professional renovation company, we operate with integrity, honesty and respect. Our sales approach is low key and informative.

Please read through the rest of this article, it describes what the process looks like.

1. First contact.
We are easy to reach through our email Phone (403)862 9246) Or through the contact us tab at the top right of the screen. We treat your personal information with extreme care. We will not divulge this info to anyone under any circumstances. Nor will we use it for any kind of spam or advertising Your information is safe. This is a promise.

2. First meeting
Once we have confirmed an appointment, we will have someone meet you at the project location. This is probably one of the most important stages of the whole process. At this meeting we will review several things.
-What is it that we can do for you? Whether is a small Fence or the Construction of a brand new home, this first meeting will help us to get a rough concept of what the homeowner wants.
Some of the important things that we will work out are.
-Different types of design.
-Different material options.
-Rough budget.
-Desired time of construction.
This first meeting is also a great opportunity for the homeowner to meet us the contractor and see what we are all about,and to get a better idea of what the project will entail.

3. .Design Proposal, and Rough Estimate
This is where we really differ from other companies. After our first meeting, we take all the information and ideas that were discussed and we create a rough design proposal and a rough price estimate.
This is an important step, as it gives the customer the chance to visualize and possible make changes to the design.  The rough price is important too. It lets the customer know what to budget for the job.

4. Final design, Final Estimate,Contract
Once the details have been worked out in the rough design, JT Wood will make a set of construction drawings that will be used for Permits, and Construction.   This is the stage where the Quote is given, and the Contract is signed.

5. Construction is scheduled
Once the contract is agreed to and signed, Permits will be applied for and Construction will be scheduled.