Custom Deck Construction

We were contacted by a Chris to remove and rebuild her existing rotted deck. It was in such bad shape that she was unable to use it anymore because of the serious hazard it presented. And being over 15 yrs old it was looking rather run down.

After our initial consultation, we had a fairly clear idea of what the homeowner was wanting us to do. We created a few different renderings which featured different layouts,materials and railing options. Once we came to an agreement between contractor/customer as to the actual finished design, we submitted for permits and started building.

This deck turned out superb, it is now a place where you can truly relax. The composite decking is smooth and extremely low maintenance. No more looking for the sandals when out barbequing, she can just walk out in her bare feet. The railing/screening is a perfect balance between privacy,cost effectiveness and style.

We increased the square footage of this deck from the original size since we started from scratch. The new size and design works well with the backyard.

Extra care was taken to ensure that all the proper flashing and water proofing was used to ensure a leak free attachment to the house and we also were careful to match the siding where we had to alter the original. All the proper hardware and fasteners were used to ensure that this deck is as strong and secure as it is beautiful.

Please see Chris Pfisters testimonial letter to read of her impression of building a deck with JT Wood Construction.

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