Calgary Airdrie Crossfield Carstairs Didsbury Olds Deck Builder and Repair If there was just one single exterior home improvement any Albertan homeowner could make to their home, that would enhance both the look and property value it would be the addition of a custom wood deck.  Not just any old deck will do however, and there are several things you need to consider before you get to work building a deck.

Materials – JT Wood Construction specializes in building beautiful, strong low maintenance Decks.  There are a number of things to consider when building a deck. There is size, shape,height above ground and town set backs.  Not to mention the critical selection of what materials you will use. Each has it’s benefits.  We are able to help you through the process. You may want real wood, maintenance free composite decking or linoleum style sheet flooring.  From design to completion, we will be there to assist you.   Jt Wood Construction is fully insured and ready to help you build your deck legally, safely  and up to code.

Deck Repair-A damaged or rotten deck is not only an eyesore to you, it can also pose serious dangers.  It is important to repair or even replace a deck that is not completely sound.Symptoms of a problem can include

Rotten crumbling lumber,

Black or moldy wood,

Sagging drooping or leaning of the surface of the deck.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your deck and it’s structural integrity please don’t hesitate to call, we want you to be safe!

We have such a short summer season here in Alberta, why waste your precious holidays building your own wood deck.

A properly made deck will add value to your home. In fact many experts claim a 100% payback on your investment.  This means every dollar you spend on building a new deck, is a dollar added to the value of your property.   Spring is coming fast, so don’t delay and request your FREE estimate today!

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