Calgary-Airdrie-Crossfield-Carstairs-Didsbury-Olds-House Framing.The framing of any residential project is perhaps the most critical part of a quality finished product.

How can you tell if your project was framed well?  Ask any of the tradesman that followed behind the framing crew.

A successful framing project has much more to it than meets the eye. Our crew has extensive residential framing experience, especially with new construction so we are up to date on all of the latest techniques, materials and regulations.  You can be sure we are taking your homes best interest at heart and we are dedicated to providing you with a good quality product, in all areas seen and unseen.

There are many aspects to framing that are invisible to the average person and a quality framer excels in all of them.

Safety:   The structure has to be built up to and exceeding code. This is the most important, your family will be living here.  It’s possible to take many short cuts that would go unnoticed, but we will NEVER take a short cut on a framing project, there is so much at stake.

Aesthetics:  A poorly framed project will have many aesthetic imperfections. For instance you  can drive down any street  and see fascia boards that are unlevel, wavy or have a big crown. Porch roofs are crooked, windows are out of level.  All of these issues are visible to the discerning eye.  It makes your structure look second rate. Another common issue that can be seen in an average home is wavy walls, this happens when a framer is either too cheap, or too rushed to pick through the lumber pile to choose straight studs.  A small detail, but it’s critically important!  And lastly a very common issue I see is when an unskilled framer tries to frame in drop ceilings in a basement, or anywhere the ceiling is required to be dropped for mechanicals. The result is wavy, curvy and unlevel and out of square bulkheads.  This looks terrible and can ruin a very expensive project.

Other Trades:  Virtually every trade that follows the framing crew is affected by the quality of work by the framers. Thought needs to be given to every trade that follows. The siding and roofing crew will appreciate a consistent frame job. Plumbers need a spot for their drains/waterlines and backing for tubs and showers.  Drywallers REALLY appreciate square and level walls because it makes their finished job look much better and takes them less time.

Cabinet installers can produce a better finished product with straight/square walls. Linoleum flooring looks better with square walls. Nearly every trade you have working on your home will benefit with a good frame job.  What has happened in Alberta during the past building boom is many builders have forced the framing crews to work too fast and this lessens the quality of a job.  There are rigid deadlines and most crews have been forced to take short cuts to keep up.  A GOOD framer is hard to find.

We are committed to providing a GOOD quality frame job whether it be a whole house or basement development. Or even a garage or a shed.  We will provide a superior product that is Safe, Aesthetically pleasing and Friendly to the following trades, (which results in a better finished product overall)

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