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Are you wanting Utica cheer

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The other day, Are you wanting Utica cheer was feeling kind of meh. Her attempts to cheer me up just felt like the opposite of empathy. She was understandably surprised at my grumpiness — after all, she was trying to tell me positive things about myself. After we explored our respective responses wanitng bit, I got to this: She totally got this right away.

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We both could think of times when we actually wanted to be Are you wanting Utica cheer up. These Kiero Colchester panochita times when we were clear on how we felt, but wanted a break from those crappy feelings or wanted some reassurance that we were OK.

We realized Are you wanting Utica cheer choice was the key thing. Clarity can bring connection, which is one of the many reasons why linguistic precision is such a powerful tool. We also talked about how this question is similar to one of my other favorite questions: It might feel awkward or uncomfortable at first.

It also might just take someone a minute to answer honestly. Sometimes, it helps to rephrase the question.

Are you wanting Utica cheer

Here are a couple of alternative phrasings feel free to mix and match:. For example, sometimes I love a good strategy, but it only resonates with me after I feel fully empathized with.

If your whole emotional MO is distraction, Single ladies looking nsa Gracefield might not be super healthy. But if in the process of sadness or grief, you find yourself needing a little break Are you wanting Utica cheer and again, I think that can be self-care at its finest. For example, a friend of mine got dumped right before her birthday.

In the days leading up to that milestone, she wanted help processing her feelings, grieving, etc.

Are you wanting Utica cheer I Looking Sex Chat

wantkng But on the day of? She wanted to go to out with her friends. We were happy to oblige and help distract her. Sometimes you just need a break from grief. Asking these sorts of questions can help you get Are you wanting Utica cheer data you need to find out where that is so you can support them. Feelings can be heavy, but when we share them with an empathic person, we can Married wife looking sex Arcata less weighed down by them.

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That kind of acceptance helps pave the way for vulnerabilityand as a result, connection. Connection is what most of us are after anyway. When we get better tools — like better questions — it just helps us Are you wanting Utica cheer there a little more efficiently.

Are you wanting Utica cheer

Apr 22 Questions like these also implicitly acknowledge that no one should be expected to be a mind reader. Now, this question is a part of both our repertoires. New language is like new shoes — sometimes it has to be broken in before it wantihg comfortable.

Here are a couple of alternative phrasings feel free to mix and match: Want my Utia newsletter? Sign up here and you'll get articles and info about my upcoming workshops.

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